Mental Health Justice Clinic Director
Brief info

Yanique Williams-Adeniji serves as The Safe Sisters Circle Mental Health Justice Clinic Program Manager. She is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and obtained her MSW from New York University's Silver School of Social Work and moved to Washington D.C. five years ago to pursue her clinical and academic career as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She is a doctoral student at Howard University's School of Social Work with a focus on maternal health disparities among Black Women. Through her work, Yanique aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Black women in maternal healthcare and contribute to the development of solutions that promote equity and better outcomes for this marginalized population.
Yanique is committed to advancing social justice and promoting health and well-being. By combining her clinical experience with my academic pursuits, she strives to contribute to the field of social work and make a difference in the lives of Black women and their families. Throughout her practice,she treats a wide range of issues that my clients may be facing. These include stress, grief & loss, anger management, perinatal depression, menopause symptom reduction, OCD, PTSD and various mood disorders. Each individual's journey is unique, and Yanique is dedicated to tailoring her approach to meet their specific needs and goals. She firmly believes in the importance of providing consistent treatment that promotes wellness, mental health stability, and emotional growth. Her aim is to empower Her clients to overcome their challenges, build resilience, and find lasting healing.