Leadership Transition Announcement

It is with excitement that the Board of Directors announces a leadership change at The
Safe Sisters Circle. Our Founder and Executive Director, Alana C. Brown, Esq, has
transitioned from The Safe Sisters Circle, and is embarking on her next chapter after
more than five years of service.

Alana started The Safe Sisters Circle with a vision and goal to serve Black women
survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault East of the River in Washington, DC.
Since the inception of The Safe Sisters Circle, the organization has expanded its work to
include mental health services and being a voice nationally for Black women survivors of
domestic violence and sexual assault. We thank Alana for her work and wish her the
best in her next endeavor.

As we transition to a new chapter, we are grateful that Nel-Sylvia Guzman, Esq. will be
stepping into the role of Acting Executive Director. Nel-Sylvia brings a wealth of
experience and a deep understanding of the organization's mission and values.
Nel-Sylvia joined The Safe Sisters Circle in 2021 as Managing Attorney and has worked
as our Director of Legal Services and Deputy Director over the last three years. We have
full confidence in her ability to lead us through this transitional period with
commitment and dedication to the mission and vision of The Safe Sisters Circle. Please
join us in welcoming Nel-Sylvia to her new role.

Together, let us continue to uphold the mission of The Safe Sisters Circle and work
towards our shared goal of helping Black women survivors of domestic violence and
sexual assault not just to survive, but to thrive.