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East of the River Women’s Legal Services Project

Orders of Protections – We represent survivors in obtaining Civil Protection Orders against their abusers in DC Superior Court’s Domestic Violence Court.

Family Law – We counsel and represent survivors in divorce, custody and child support matters.

Victim Advocacy – We advocate for survivors in criminal cases, providing vital assistance navigating DC’s criminal justice system including providing testimony in the court of law.

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The Healing Project

We are in the process of forming culturally and trauma-informed therapy groups located in Ward 7 and Ward 8 that will work with the community to help survivors heal from their traumatic experiences as a result of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.

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We will seek to provide transitional housing for up to a year for a limited amount of survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse who are current participants in The Safe Sister’s Circle’s Legal or Support Groups programs.

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Adult Education and Career Services

We work with local organizations to provide referrals to our partners that offer educational and professional services and career assistance for survivors.

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